The tranquil waters of Harper’s Landing hide an ancient evil.


Jim Burch, Sheriff of Harper’s Landing, must solve a deadly mystery in his once-quiet town. Animals and pets, a visitor, and many children have been killed under mysterious circumstances. Sheriff Burch loves Harper’s Landing; the townspeople help each other through the good times and the bad – binging food, lending a hand, and showing up for each other.


Jim knows how to be a detective. He is trained to remain calm and search for clues and evidence in order to solve cases. Except, the circumstances of the deaths defy logic. It will take all of his knowledge-and faith-to solve the secret hidden in the water of Harper’s Landing.


If you love whodunits with a twist and stories rich with complex characters set in a town rife with magic and mystery, The Secrets of Water is the book for you!

Two years ago, Sheriff Jim Burch saved Harper’s Landing, but the once-tranquil town seems to attract trouble.


The forest that surrounds Harper’s Landing is no longer safe. Death lurks behind every bush; young people, picnickers, and fishermen are brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. While Jim Burch and his deputies scour the walking paths and hideaways, danger creeps out of hte forest, headed for hte Grove and the families that live there.


Jim is once again forced to seek mundane solutions to supernatural threats. And this time he will have some strange-some would say extraordinary-help, indeed.