Shoshana Edwards is a native Oregonian, now living in a quiet suburb of Portland. After a long career as a teacher and jury consultant, she retired and built her dream house. She and her husband, Rex Jemison, tend a garden of native plants plus 25 heirloom roses, a plethora of irises, and other pollinator-attracting plants. They also grow food crops in among the flowers. When they aren’t tending their garden, they care for several feral cats and two ancient rescues who own the bed and the furniture.

Shoshana is an avid reader of mysteries, with a dash of fantasy and the occasional light horror. Because of her lifelong love of mythology, she decided to combine mystery and mythology in her new career as a novelist. The Harper’s Landing books promise to be a long series, since there appears to be no end of available mythological critters bent on wreaking havoc for Jim and his team of problem solvers.

In addition to her novels, Shoshana loves to write poetry and flash fiction. Look for a collection in the near future called “All the Rooms In My Brain.”

“With The Secrets of Water, Shoshana Edwards takes us deep into the darkness of American folklore while creating genuine, contemporary thrills. Absolutely terrific!”

Jonathan Maberry

NY Times bestselling author of Ink and V Wars.